Hawes & Curtis

Hawes & Curtis is famous for its quintessentially British menswear and womenswear ranges. With over 100 years of heritage, Hawes & Curtis has a distinguished British past and a promising international future. The brand currently has more than 20 stores in the UK and the flagship store remains in the heart of London on Jermyn Street

I designed a new ecommerce experience that was built to inspire, grow market share online, and be accessible to anyone on any device. With over 50% of shoppers now purchasing on mobile, Hawes & Curtis’ new site had to be premium, regardless of screen size and the entire user experience was rebuilt from the ground up.


The conventional device-specific breakpoints were replaced by a sytem where the content dictates the breakpoints. This approach was taken to maintain high visual and functional integrity of the site at every screen size.

This methodology led to define one major breakpoint system, which allowed the content on each page to be displayed at its best.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 21.47.31Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 21.47.31

The home page was one of the most important parts of the redesign, and the functionality of the carousel was crucial. Being a heavily promotional brand, it was imperitive that multiple messeges could always be shown on the front page, and the text/image carousel has already made a big impact.

The page had to be designed with many different options, such as how it would look with multiple CTA buttons and how this would work in the journey/flow. A solution was found that worked consistently well on both desktop and mobile devices and made sure the messege was clear on all breakpoints, whether there was a promotion or not. 


I created a component-based design system made up of reusable and interactive UI elements, allowing the development team to re-use components, modules, and frameworks. This meant that we could build consistency across the experience while maximizing development efficiency.


Promotions are an important part of the business, and I created a multi-purpose promotion bar that could be used across the website. This would scale responsibly with every possible screen size, and clearly show the promotions that are currently running. It had to work consistently, whether there was one large promotion, or multiple smaller ones.

After the promotion bar was created, it made a large impact on making promotions clear and concise to the customer. The use of promotion codes increased, resulting in higher sales whilst in a sale period.


We created HTML prototypes for pages such as the Product Detail page, to verify that content would respond fluidly across multiple breakpoints. Instead of finding out static designs don’t work later on in development, I was able to determine with the developers what was working and what wasn't, so that this could be further applied to the designs.


The checkout flow was strategically designed due to the technical complexities of many third-party integrations, including: multiple payment gateways, interactive address validation, and existing CRM software that was bespoke to Hawes & Curtis. This approach meant that adequate amount of time could be spent on the pages that were both visually important and had a lot of functionality.


The re-development of the entire user experience was a thorough process, with a strong use of processes such as prototyping (both in HTML and using tools such as InVision) and feedback with the development team. Instantly, after launch, it was apparent that the redesign has had a huge impact on the business, with a drastic improvement to conversion rates (on both desktop and mobile), and lower bounce rates. 

Design elements from the website were even used as part of the rebrand of the business, which I was heavily involved in. The new brand can now be seen in all stores around the country and the company has a consistent multi-channel look-and-feel, with the new digital user experience at the forefront of the future of the business.

After the site redesign, conversion rate increased 300% from the previous year.